Friday, August 19, 2011


 **Update - Just received pictures from Robin, so I added them**

What a fantastic day at the barn with Shyloh, Robin and Ryleigh, and Terry! I learned A LOT from Terry tonight. For instance, even though Shy is scared, she is a very willing participant and learns quick. Terry is fully convinced that we can get the jumpiness out of Shy by October. Me. . .not so much. . .but we will see. Terry said that Shy is jumpy because of her past training.

Terry showed us how to do showmanship today. Showmanship is an event were the person is not riding the horse, but they get show the horse off and have the horse do patterns. It is kinda like dog shows, I think. Anyway, we worked on that to get Shy to think and used to being handled by me. We incorporated the use of a crop today, just to tap Shy along. She is pretty much terrified of it. But is does work! She will trot now when I run next to her, although, she is kinda trying to run away from me. We also worked on walking in a square, turning Shy correctly, and stopping. Shy did amazing!!

I have no idea what I am doing!

Trying to get Shy to trot next to me! 
I started Shy on her supplements today, which included magnesium, vitamin B1, and red raspberry leaves, in addition to the ground flax seed that she has been getting.  She gobbled them right up! I swear this horse will eat anything! She also tasted a french fry today and Cheese-its the other day. But for some reason, she was scared of the coconut oil that I used on her mane to moisturise it. She is a strange creature. Anyway, I will see if her jumpiness calms down over the next few weeks.

I am such an impatient person! I was discussing Shy's behaviors with Robin the other day and just saying that I was a little frustrated that Shy continues to be jumpy. She reminded me that I have not even had Shy a month! What?? It seems like forever! So I need to tone down my expectations. . .especially with the supplements. They will not work overnight!

But on a good note, I got Shy's massage results from Kathy.She said that she has a strong, straight, back and was impressed with her calmness and willingness to stand for the 45 minute massage! Kathy also said that she did not have any heat coming from her legs or anything, and that is a good thing! She is a healthy girl! Now I just need to get this dandruff and dry skin under control.

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