Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Resy and Terry
I got to ride Resy tonight! He is a 28 year old Arab horse that has a ton of training under his belt (saddle?). Actually, Terry has been trying to get me to ride Resy for a long time, but I was always afraid I'd break him! Because of the type of horse that he is, he is much narrower and sleeker, and takes much longer strides  than I have been used to riding. But I got on him, and it went okay. . .

It's hard for me to get on another horse. I was so comfortable on Mia. And each horse is completely different. But, since Shyloh needs to overcome her issues and I need to work on my riding skills (or lack of), and Resy needs to be exercised, Terry thought it would be a good idea to practice on him. I believe that the more I ride him, the more comfortable I will get with him and it will bring up my confidence. Even as I type this, I am working on my leg position. . .knees slightly bent, feet straight, heels down. It's not the most comfortable position, but I have to get used to it. 

While I was riding Resy, Terry's sister, Alison, was riding Shy! Alison is an excellent rider. She has Shyloh walking, trotting, and even took her up to a canter! Amazing! She spooked twice, I think, but her spooks where just kinda scooting her butt. No bolting, no bucking, no rearing. So, that is good news! And on the spooky front, Shy did not spook once in the cross ties, she walked right into the arena without a problem, and when I was bringing her in, I thought she was going to spook at one point, but she didn't! Improvement? I hope so!

On another note. . .I think I have a new obsession! These crepes are delicious! There are crepes of every kind imaginable! I had one that was like an elephant ear, one that was like a Reese's peanut butter cup, and one that was chicken and cheese. Check it out, it's in Midtown on Woodward!

Look at all those kinds of crepes on the board! yum!

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