Friday, August 5, 2011


I did not get to see Shy yesterday because someone in class lost their dog and Robin put Facebook to good use and organized a search party to find her. It was even on the Trenton Patch! Luckily, the dog was found safe and sound!

But today, I fell off Shyloh! I have to write this now in case I wake up tomorrow without the use of my limbs. And it was totally my fault. After I lunged her today (and she did awesome!) I decided to try riding her. Well, I was going to sit on her while Robin held the lunge line. And since I cannot get on her from a mounting block, I had to mount her from the ground. It is harder than you might think! I put my foot in one stirrup and swung my leg up and over. I must have kinda blacked out, because I remember thinking hey, I made it up! but the next thing I knew, Shy spooked and moved forward and I was on the ground! I fell off of her on the opposite side that I mounted her on, I hit Robin in the head and shoulder on the way down, then I landed on my back. So. . .I must have flipped. I sustained injuries to my back and elbow. Shy bolted around the arena, but stopped and let me approach her.

Aside from that little bump, Shy had a fantastic day! She met some new people and let them pet her without freaking out. I am trying to stop babying her and let her know that I am the boss. So, when I was bringing her in and she stopped in the aisle and refused to move, I let her know she had no choice. And when she started fussing in the cross ties, I put a stop to it. . .and she stood perfect the rest of the time.She even let me brush her forelock without putting up a fight!

Someone said to me today that she did not know who taught us not to beat our horses. That really bothered me. Some people must think that fear equals respect. I do not feel that way, even though I understand that horses need that physical communication, I don't think they need to be beaten. 

So now I am going to nurse my injuries and hope that I wake up in better condition!

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