Sunday, August 21, 2011

sunday at the barn

I went to the barn with Robin and Terry. Kathy and Sandy were there, too. Lucky ducks, they were on a trail ride when we got there! One day. . .that will be me! I think my biggest fear is my inexperience with horses and riding. I am not afraid of Shyloh. She knows exactly what she is doing. I do not think that she would intentionally hurt me or anyone, or any horse. It's all me and me not knowing what I am doing that is holding me back.

Shyloh did great today! There was no jumpiness or spooking! I know that there is no way that the supplements are taking effect this quickly, so it must be that she is gaining trust with me. We have had a bunch of good days in a row, so I am waiting for that bad day (or week, or month). . .you know the saying, two steps forward, three steps back.

We worked on our showmanship, with the cones in a square and stopping and lining up. Then we did some trot work. I had to get the crop, but we trotted next to each other! I feel bad that she is so scared of it, but I am not going to hurt her with it and she understands what it means, so I use it. I put the cones in a line and walked them, then worked on trotting them. Shy was fantastic. Although I did have to tap her (ever so lightly) when she began to slow, we trotted through those cones! A few times, we even continued around the arena. Whew. . .that wore me out!

Pretty girl!  I am actually sitting on the mounting block when I took this, so maybe her mounting block  fears are subsiding. . .maybe?
After, I took two poles outside to see if Shy would walk over them. They were not a problem! She was walking and grazing right over them. We also walked through them and backed through them. I took Shy to graze some more, and to my amazement, she trotted outside next to me, without the crop! Running through the grass with Shy was fun! She seemed to enjoy it, too!

My dad came over today. He lives near Coldwater and said that at the garage sales out there, they have horse tack for sale all the time! I might have to take a trip to my dad's house again. . . i could really use my own tack!

Tomorrow's post might hold a surprise. . .da da da dummmm. . . .

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