Sunday, August 7, 2011

riding dirty

OMG!!! I rode Shyloh today!

A big thanks goes out to Robin, Kathy, Terry, and Sandy for pushing me to get on and helping me! Shy is very sensitive, the complete opposite of Mia! For Mia, I literally had to kick her to get her to move. For Shy, I just have to think about squeezing and she goes! When I put a little extra pressure, she busted in  to a trot! But say whoa and she stops on a dime!  Kathy got on her, too. And Robin rode Ryleigh. It was a pretty successful day!

After our little ride, I gave Shy another bath. She had deep down dirt that I wanted to get off of her and her skin is so dry. So I shampooed her and put on some conditioner. Then I styled her forelock!

The 80s are back for Shy!
She really loves it when I brush and style her hair. She is really getting into all the attention and pampering that she is getting. I am also going to look into a supplement for her dry skin. It should help her mane grow, too. And as always, as soon as I put her outside, she rolled in the dirt. She likes to be dirty. . .

I tried some new fruits on Shy today. . .bananas and blueberries. She loved them! I have a feeling that she will eat anything that is put in front of her. . .

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