Monday, August 29, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #1

I have so much to share today. . .but that is going to have to wait. I am going to start a new segment called Monday Musings by Shyloh, where I write from Shy's perspective. I think that this will be a good exercise for me in writing and thinking about things from Shy's point of view. It may also be funny. . .so here goes. . .


So, the people got wise to my grain stealing and put a new feeder out for Chick, my BFF, that attaches to the gate. Now I can't slide the bowl away! But, Chick loves me so much that he leaves some for me. He knows that I am a hungry girl!

The lady came again today. She comes almost every day. I am still not sure what her deal is. Today she came while Chick was out with his lady. I kept calling to him, but he was ignoring me because he was eating grass. I wanted to eat grass! I love grass! It is so tasty! 

The lady is so strange! She didn't come to see me right away, she hung out with Chick and his lady. Then, when she did come to see me, she went straight back to where the water is. I trotted behind her, but every time she looked back, I stopped. Haha. I don't want to her know how interested I am in her, because for some reason she is really interested in me. She always wants to touch me and stuff. But she gives me treats, so I do what she asks of me, for the most part.

The lady really is a weirdo. She hung out where I live for a while, but didn't do anything. I tried to played catch me if you can, but she wasn't interested. Then, I saw the strangest sight. . .a little horse, smaller than me was kinda by my fence. I thought I was the smallest horse ever, but I guess I was wrong! It was the strangest little thing. The lady and the other lady went to get it. There were three total, just loose out front. I guess they took them where they belong, because when they came back, the little horses were gone. 

Finally, the second best part of my day came! Hay time! Nom nom nom! I love hay. The lady stayed and watched me eat (I said she was odd), and kept dropping this thing. I wasn't scared. I had hay and Chick didn't seem to care about it. So it was all good. But then, the lady put the leas rope on me! We went inside and to the place where I she does all this funky stuff to me, then I have to undo it by rolling in the dirt. But I wasn't done eating! Not fair!

Look at all that hay left, and you want to do what with me?
Oh well. I was getting brushed and getting my neck scratched. I love love love getting my neck scratched!  Then I had to stand for what seemed like the longest time ever just waiting. People kept coming up to me and petting me. I am okay with that now, but still a little unsure. I mean, hey, I don't know them! I don't know what they want from me or what their angle is. If they have food, I welcome them to touch me, though. I did get to try something new today! Ryleigh's lady gave me coffee! It was a sugar filled delight! So good, it makes me want to smack your mama, or pucker my lips in a funny fashion!

After eternally waiting, we went into the big sandy area. It was busy in there today! Bob, my first love was there, and so was Ryleigh, Resy, Shamon and Eli. But I was well behaved. . .at first. I walked this maze thing a bunch of times, then I walked it backwards and over poles. This is easy stuff, but, backwards is so scary! I can't see where I am going and I am not sure the lady knows what she is doing. But, I will give this to her. . .once again, we made it safely through the maze. So, mayabe she does kinda know what she is doing. . .the jury is still out on that.  Ryleigh was doing the maze with me. Then Resy wanted to take his rider through the maze! Shamon and Eli also went through it too! And the best part was that Bob took his rider through! Bob is new to being ridden and he was fantastic! All the other horses did great, too, but I got real bored just standing around. I pawed the ground to let this be known to the lady. I mean, I am a pretty patient pony, but this was getting ridiculous! Plus, I had hay waiting for me!

The maze
The lady tried to walk me backwards through the maze again. Well, I was not having any of that, so I bit her. Partly because I was wanting my hay, partly because I was tired, partly because I had to stand around doing nothing for so long, and partly because I wanted to see what she would do. The crazy lady screamed and made a crazy sound. But that was it. I knew she was not happy about what I did but I did not get hit. . .I may have to test this out again. . .But now she won't let my mouth near her! Seriously, how bad could it hurt? Chick bites me all the time and I am fine and dandy.

I did a few other things for the lady, then she gave me a delicious banana and a scrumptious apple. Did I mention that I love food? As we were walking back outside to my hay, I tried to nibble on some grass. The lady was not letting me. So I pulled harder. Grass is so good, why didn't she understand this? All I got was a little bit, then I went to my home to finish my hay. Chick was waiting for me. 

One more thing. . .before she turned me loose, the lady took off my halter.  I wonder what this means. . .



  1. Hay there, Shyloh, Pippin here. Thanks for stopping by my Mrs. Owner's blog. I love finding new Haffie friends to follow and I'm glad you are following my Mrs. Owner's blog. She likes that, too.
    I just finished all my hay. I'm waiting for more. I'm staring at my Mrs. Owner as she messes with the computer. I'm trying to lure her down here for more grub. I hope it works!

  2. I really enjoy your blog! And i am also a big fan of Lord of the Rings :)

  3. I just found your blog yesterday and I really enjoy it! Keep up the wonderful work you are doing with Shyloh!
    I hope you don't mind- I mentioned you in my post today, encouraging my horsie-readers to take a look at your blog - it's that good!

  4. Deanna - I don't mind at all! I am going to hop over to your blog to check it out!
    And thanks for reading! I really appreciate it :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by At The Farm. I have a Haflinger, too. Here, the problem is me, rather than the horses...I have a fear of riding, but many horses to ride.

  6. Gail - I can see in your picture that you are riding! I have a friend who also has fears, she writes a blog at
    I'll admit, I am not the most comfortable on top of a horse, but I do love to be around them!


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