Thursday, October 20, 2011

birfday birfday!

Today is my birthday!! It's a big one. . .dirty thirty! And let me say, today has been an odd day. . .but a good day.
to me!
But it ended with some Shyloh time. I am still not convinced about her being inside. She gets the bedding jammed in her hooves, but maybe I am just looking for excuses. . .

Kathy was awesome enough, once again, to let Shyloh and Ryleigh outside for a few hours. It was raining (will it ever stop?), but not hard and they did not mind. After, Sandy put a cooler on Shy to help dry her off. They said Shy was looking at them like what are you doing to me? I am pretty sure she never had anything like that on her before. Kathy and Sandy said she tolerated it, though.

For my birthday, Robin cooked chicken and dumplings (yum!) and made Funfetti cupcakes (yum!). They were both so good and the chicken and dumplings were perfect, since it was freezing at the barn. Shyloh enjoyed a piece, or two, or three, of cupcake. Really, enjoyed. I didn't get any pictures today because my phone battery died and my car charger broke today. 

I spent some time with Shyloh, grooming her in the stall. I brushed her mane and tail. I usually do not brush her tail. Her hair is very coarse and thick. The tail tends to kind of "dreadlock" up. Her mane looks like she stepped out of the 80's; it looks like it is crimped. I put conditioner on both and let it set in.

When I left the barn, I went up to my mother-in-law's restaurant. I had not seen Mike all day since he worked his day job, then worked at the restaurant. He gave me my birthday present! It was this thing that gets installed in my car so I can use my phone or iPod to play music. I had wanted a new radio so I could hook up my iPod to it for a while now (I actually forgot that I wanted it) because I really do not like the radio. My musical tastes are not growing with this new music coming out. Mike is taking my car to get it installed tomorrow! Yay!

Then I came home to clean the house a little bit. I also cleaned out my car. While I was busy doing cleaning things Maggie went into a bag that I brought in from the car and extracted a pumpkin. So, I guess the pumpkins I bought for Shyloh did not go to waste, because Maggie loves them! She walked down the hall and began eating that pumpkin, starting on the outside and working her way in. She was making a royal mess, but it was too cute! She carried it all over the house in her mouth, until I had to take it away to vacuum. Then she sat under the kitchen table (where I put the pumpkin), and stared at me.

But now, it's off to sleep for me, I have a big weekend!!


  1. Happy Birthday! Glad your day was good and you had nice Shyloh grooming time. Maggie is adorable with her pumpkin. I am with you on the music front - nothing too great coming out now.

  2. Happy Birthday, WOW 30!!! I think I remember that age LOL
    Glad you found a use for the pumpkin. You may notice Maggie won't have a problem with being constipated if she eats the entire thing ;)

  3. Happy birthday! I've never met a dog that liked pumpkin!

  4. Happy birthday!!

    Silly dog! My mom's dog likes blueberries though, so go figure!

  5. Happy Birthday.
    Your dog has, uh, interesting, tastes!

  6. Happy birthday.

    That picture of Maggie is too cute!


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