Wednesday, October 5, 2011

dinner time

Why is that all my animals know what dinner means? If I say dinner (and it HAS to be near dinner time), the dogs will run from where ever they are to get their dinner. I discovered today Shyloh will pick up a trot when I tell her that dinner is waiting as I lead her back to her paddock. Why do my animals act like they never eat? That is clearly not the case!

Although, with the lack of poop that comes out of my horse when I need it to, I am beginning to wonder. I need a poop sample to take to the vet, but Shy will not poop in the arena! So I put her in a stall for a bit today, and this is all she did. . .
And I got no poop from her!

The weather has been perfect fall weather this week. So, of course, I am getting sick. Ugh. I refuse to let this sicknessy-sinus thing get to me, I will enjoy this weather before the snow comes! But for now, I am off to rest up and revel in the awesome compliment that I received today on my work with Shy! That really made my week!


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