Monday, October 3, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #5

The lady did not come to visit me today. Actually, she has a name, like I have a name! Her name is Allie. When she drives by my paddock she calls "Shyloh!" and I look up! That's me! And when she leaves, she says "Bye Shy!" and I know that she is talking to me!

We had such a nice weekend. We spent the whole day together. I am really liking Allie! We did some fun things and I do not have to be scared around her. She does not hurt me, so I do what she asks (mostly) as long as I know what she is asking. I try to be as good as I can for her and I get lots of scratches and hugs and treats for it. Although, she did not like it when I nipped her, but I was just looking for food and I have not done it again.

The best part of the weekend. . .Caesar moved! So now I have the whole paddock to myself and I do not have to worry about getting bit all the time. My fur will have time time to grow back before winter starts. I do hope another horse comes out, so I don't get too lonely! Wouldn't it be great if another Haflinger came to live with me? wink wink. . .or  a donkey? 

I hope I can stay with Allie forever. It is great here! All the people are real nice and feed me treats. I get to play with other horses, I get grass (but never enough!), I have a sweet set up to live in, and all the boys just love me!  Maybe they found this old back issue. . .I am SURE that they read all the articles. 

Yeah. . . I live a pretty cool life.



  1. Cut post, that horse is a ham,lol. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. Hey, Pippin here. Now I know where I've seen you before ;-)
    I used to have some copies of Playboy that the man who hangs around my Mrs. Owner slipped to me. I kept them under a pile of sawdust in the corner of my stall, until one day I forgot that they were there and I... um.... well, they were a bit soggy. But, by that time they were in pretty bad shape anyway. Trying to turn the pages is kinda hard. I couldn't do it with my hooves, so had to use my agile, fuzzy lips. So... some pages had a bit more slobber than other pages.
    I would love to come live with you. Doc is pretty boring! Having my own mare would be fun!

  3. Pippin! I would love to have you come live with me! You know i like the geldings ;) and it sounds like we could get into a lot of mischief together! Doc would be more than welcome, too. The more the merrier!


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