Saturday, October 8, 2011

my dogs are barking

Figuratively, not literally. Literally, the dogs are participating in their favorite past time, laying. Whew, I spent all day at the barn! Good thing I'm gellin' with my Dr. Scholls or my feet would be more sore! And now that I am home and not moving around, my sinuses are kicking in. 

I did go to the barn yesterday. Shyloh has found a NEW love. Forseti. We thought they would just be friends, but yesterday he threw her into heat and she was "winking" at him. That mare sure get around. . .first Chick, then Ryleigh, now Forseti. But Forseti is such a people lover that I think it is good for Shy to be around him and follow his example. 
Hot new couple at the barn

We let Forseti and Shy graze a bit, then I tried to get her to do some work in jumping. She just was not into it, maybe she felt it from me, being sick, or maybe her belly was full of grass. Either way, I did not press it because Shy usually does not give me trouble about doing work. Then I went straight home to sleep and hopefully kick this sickness. No luck. . .
So happy together!
Today, I helped Kathy again. I really enjoy the physical work of barn work. Feeding, mucking, letting horses out. . .it's my own therapy. Although I did get kind of stepped on by a rather large Percheron. We let Shy and Forseti graze together again. Shy was out there by herself and when I put Forseti with her, he galloped right to her and they stuck together like glue. After a while, I put her back in her paddock and Forseti ran to be with her. He would not leave her side! Sandy was a little upset, because every time she calls Forseti he comes to her. But with Shy in the picture, he was not going to Sandy! Those two horses are like peas in a pod! They are very attached to each other! Shy was trying to nap outside and Forseti was being her look out.l He had to protect her from the evil cows next door!
Shy and Forseti. . .always side by side
I set up another obstacle course for Shyloh. We learned a new move, the side pass! Shy did pretty good, but we need more work on it. I got some really good feedback from Terry today. Terry really knows her stuff when it comes to horses, especially Western stuff. She said my obstacle course is like a trail class. She also said that everything that I have been doing on the ground will translate into the saddle, I will just have to adjust my cues a little bit. So the trust that I am building with Shy now, will help when I start riding! 
Shy and Addie
And speaking of saddle. . .Mike got me a bridle and saddle pad for our 5 year anniversary! No saddle, but it is a start! He did a good job picking them out, too! Terry helped me switch out the bit and fit the bridle to Shy. Tonight I am going to out some leather stuff on it. Shyloh is such a patient horse. She just stood there without a fuss while Terry and I were adjusting and readjusting the bridle. I feel so lucky to have such a good pony!
Not the best picture, but the only one I have so far

Tomorrow, I have a little surprise for Shyloh! I hope it goes well!


  1. Hay, Pippin, did you read this? Don't you have a thing for Shyloh? She's some sort of kinky mare... here she is having some sort of thing with four settees.... couches?! Now that's just weird!

    Mike is a keeper! What a nice guy! Shy looks great in her new bridle.

  2. Haha! Shy the kinky mare! I think if she met Pippin, he might just steal her heart.

    Mike is great! Thanks! :D


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