Friday, October 28, 2011

fantastic idea turns bad

You know when you have a fantastic idea? And in your head it the idea is so awesome, so great, that you know it will turn out to be incredible? In the picture that you imagine, the idea comes together perfectly and looks amazing!

Well. . . I had one of those ideas the other day. It was like the sky opened and the idea shined down on my, so I just knew I had to act on this idea. It was perfect for Shyloh in every way!

The idea had to do with Shyloh's Halloween costume. . .it was flawless. Cute, funny, just an overall good idea. Today after work, I collected the items needed for my project, which basically required going to a Halloween store. 

What I did not take into consideration was that fact that Shy is still in heat and when I walked into her stall, she gave me this look. . .
Glowing eyes. . .Shy is possessed by hormones!
But this did not deter me, oh no! I was determined to execute my awesome Halloween idea. I cleaned her up real good and let her eat some of her dinner. Of course, because I had plans, she was taking her time. So I rudely put her halter on and led her out, with some hay left behind.
You want to do what? Do you see all this hay left?
I put her in the cross ties and began to work on my masterpiece. . .Amazingly, she was quite tolerant. How I did not get kicked is beyond me! 

Let's just say, the end product was nothing like the image in my mind. Actually, what ended up happening is too embarrass to post. . .It was horrible! Awful! Shameful! Poor Shyloh. I did give her extra treats to make up for what I did.

But I promise to post it Monday, on Halloween. Just know that I am embarrassed. . . and will never make THAT mistake again. But hey. . .we can't have an adventure without some mishap, can we? 

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