Tuesday, October 18, 2011

excessive. . .

. . .gas!

**This post contains a story regarding horse farts, proceed with caution**
** Also to be noted is that my sense of humor can be similar to that of a 16 year old boy**

Living inside has created a very gassy girl!  I now realize why all the other horses buck and run and fart as soon as they get turned loose in their pasture! It is probably because they do not get to move around constantly and once they get moving, their bowels are free. Shy never had this problem b.b.i. (before being inside) because she was used to a much larger space.

The only time that Shy had excessive backdoor breezes b.b.i. was, conveniently, when I was picking out her back feet. It was so pleasant. . .note, sarcasm. Perhaps her sense of humor is similar to a 16 year old boy's as well. . . and farting on me just tickles her fancy. If that's the case, Shy sure got it tickled today when we used the long lines. . .

Kathy was at the barn when I got there and she had let Shy out with Ryleigh to graze in one pasture, and her new guy and Forseti were in another pasture. Rain was in the forecast, so none of the horses went out in the morning and it was sprinkling when I arrived. Our horses had only been out for about an hour and a half or so. That means that Shy had a lot of pent up gas, just waiting to be unleashed on her least expecting victim.

I brought Shy in, groomed her up and brought her into the arena. We walked around a few times, then I had her trot while I ran next to her to warm her up. Toot toot toot she went. . . . Then we attempted the side pass. Shyloh was not having it. Okay, I thought, if she does not want to do this, she is going to do something, so we free lunged. 

Whoa! I think her farts where propelling her forward! After a few times around at the walk/trot/canter each way(yes! I actually got a canter, for a short time. . .a burst of hot wind may have contributed to this), we attempted the side pass again. She still kept resisting. I have no idea why (tummy ache, perhaps?), we have done this before. 

By now, she was dry, so I tacked her up and we did the long lines. I am so glad that we did because Shyloh did amazing! Our straight lines were much better, our circles were great! We even did the figure eight! This new bit is making a huge difference. Or perhaps it was the farts. Let me tell you, my position for the long lines was not optimal for Shy's gas. I was right in the line of fire and got crop dusted almost continually!

But, farts aside, we had a good day! We even trotted on the long lines. My steering and hands are improving. And I got to give a special Appy some love. He is the softest! Now time to shower. . .

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is Shyloh a gas machine? I am told this will change as she adjusts to being inside. I can only hope, or I am not sure how much more long lining we will do until I acquire a gas mask. . .


  1. What is it about picking up their back feet? I swear it is a magic button! Loved your post. It make me remember a mare I had who had surgery after a terrible foaling experience. Her gas never collected for a good long fart...it pooted out every time she moved. So, when we were in the dressage ring her trot was accompanied by repetitive sounds....nice cadence marker!!

  2. Hahaha! These horses, sure not shy about their gas!

  3. Camryn here:
    My fav time to "release pressure" is when Mom is brushing my mmmmmm ample bottom!! Specialy right above my tail. Mom says it's a given that my tail will lift and "ahhhhhhhh, phhhhhtttttt!!! Kinda like burping compliments the chef, farting compliments the brusher!!! Oh, I tend to "pass" when my udders are getting cleaned up too. Course I "pass" whenever it suits me, those are just the guaranteed release moments.

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  5. I think I screwed up my last comment =/
    Sorry. Anyway, as I was saying. .

    I think we have a very similar sense of humour. I find horse farts to be hilarious - that sounds so immature lol.

    My horses are turned out 24/7, so I don't know if this really relates to your story, but I'll write it anyway.

    My mare will fart when she runs, probably half the time and every time I pick up her back hooves - "Pffffft".

    My gelding also farts when he bucks haha. I've come off a few times and gotten up to catch him and all I hear is "Pfft. Pfft. Pfft." Gives hitting the ground a funny side lol.

  6. It must be something about that back end that releases the gas! :)


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