Sunday, October 16, 2011

nap time

I went out to the barn to make sure Shyloh did not tear it down in a desperate attempt to go back outside. All was good. Shy was happily munching her morning hay. After a close inspection of her, I noticed a new gash over her eye. How does a horse get hurt in a stall all by herself? 
Nom nom nom. . .and barely visible gash over her eye
Geez. . .It was the feeding bin, or lack of feeding bin. When Notch had the stall, he knocked the feeding bin down, ripping most of it from the wall. All that was left was the part help on by the bolts. It appeared that Shy banged her head on that at some point. So I attempted to take it down. I got most of the bolts out, but Robin and Rob came to the barn with the right tools and saved the day! Ta da! No more left over feeding bin. 
Fuzzy wuzzy
It was raining out, so the horses stayed inside. I had planned on working with Shy then going home to do my house work, but I felt bad that the horses had to stay in. The lady that was cleaning stalls was letting the horses out, a couple at a time, into the arena so they could run around and stretch their legs. I did not want to take that away from them!

I pulled up a stool, put it in Shy's stall and just sat with her. I put my feet up, rested my back on the wall and just sat there, with my eyes half closed. Shy did the same thing! We took a little nap together. Shy used the wall her hold her head up. It was very peaceful.  I hope to one day see her lay down, since I have not gotten to see that yet.
Shyloh is so cute in her high traffic zone! As horses were being lead to and from the arena, she nickered at the horses that she knew and liked! They nickered back. She is quite the popular pony at the barn!

After everyone got their turn, I groomed Shy, tacked her up, and led her into the arena. We did the same routine: lunging and long lining. As we were lunging, Shy kept stopping out of the blue. I was not asking her to stop and this was not her usual behavior. Something was not right. I looked at her reins that I tied up, and they were pulling on one side of her bit. I just took them off, they were a pain anyway and we did not need them. After that, the lunging was much better. Long lining was better, too! The way Shy's bridle fit, it could work between either of two holes in the headstall. I loosened it and Shy was much better! She was less over-responsive to my cues and I was able to concentrate on my hands more. It is still difficult, but getting better every time.

I attempted free jumping with Shy, but she did not seem into it today, so I stopped. I have learned that I need to listen to her (as above with the reins). She can tell me things that I don't pick up on as quickly. Since free jumping was a no go today, I turned Ryleigh out into the arena with Shy for a bit. I opened the doors for them and they ate some grass together. 
Let's trot!

Yum yum

View from the inside looking out
Now that I am back home, with some house work complete. I think a nap with the dogs in in order! 


  1. What a nice peaceful day! Glad you got the bolts outta the wall though- those do make for some dandy scratches.

  2. Sounds like a good day! It's good that you and Shy are figuring each other. I'm glad you Shy-proofed the stall as well!

  3. Deanna, it really was!

    Megan, I hope I Shy-proofed it. . .we will see when I get there tomorrow! I have a feeling that she can get into quite a bit when she wants, lol!

  4. Camryn here:
    I'm certain Shy appreciated you making her new room safe for here. I bet she appreciated Mom & Me nap time even more though!

  5. It never ceases to amaze me that Pippin (not so much Doc) can get scrapes and cuts wherever he may be. I think he's just a big galoot! Maybe Shy is a bit, ah, less than graceful?!
    What fun to just sit with her! That's one thing that is harder when they are in your back yard. Sure... they are right there... but so is this chore or that task, or the dirty house, or the barking dog, or the manure to pick up... etc!

    As for finding two haffie mares in the pasture - I'm sure Doc and Pippin are willing to share! Send them on!

  6. Camryn, I am sure Shy did appreciate some down time!

    Dreaming, I prefer to think of Shy as overly curious. . .lol. Wouldn't that be something? Four Haffies from around the US meeting up!


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