Saturday, October 15, 2011

a move

We got a new horse at the barn! How exciting! Meet Clutch. . .and he is a Clydesdale!!
Clutch! Look at those feet!
Clutch is owned by Jaime, who also owns Notch. And since we did not have any open stalls (more on that tomorrow, hopefully!), that meant Notch and Clutch were going to be living outside. I was okay with Shyloh living with those two big boys, but after thinking about it, I decided to move Shy inside. The main reason was that the outside shelter is divided into two parts, and those big horses would take both parts. So Shy might not get shelter, and with the wind being as extreme as it is today and the cold coming, she needs to have access to shelter. I really do wish she could stay out, since she loves it, but I think this is best for her right now. At least, I am going to try keeping her inside. . .we will see how she does.

I did have her inside all day today. When I pulled up to the barn, she was in the shelter, but by the time I got out of my car she was up at the gate. No games today! I put her in an empty stall and gave her breakfast hay and supplements. She took her sweet time eating. Shy was too busy getting into more trouble! She took a bag a carrots off of Forseti's stall and kept knocking over a stool. 

The reason I brought her into the barn was because my dad was coming to visit! He lives on the other side of the state and he was bringing my grandma over to visit her friend. He wanted to meet Shyloh. She was her usual Shy self.
Being Shy
After we went to lunch and he left, Shy moved into her new stall. It is right between Ryleigh and the arena and right across from the grooming stalls. Ryleigh is quite pleased with this! He made a noise I have never heard from him before. I think that this is a good move for Shy. She will be exposed to the daily hustle and bustle of the barn, plus she will have more interaction with people. She will be seeing them bring their horses to be groomed and she will see everyone walk their horses past her to get to the arena. Hopefully everyone will say hi to her so she gets to know others when I am not around. Shyloh is still shy around people she is not familiar with. 

Another good thing about being inside is that she will have to be led out and in each day. I want her outside every day, even if other horses stay inside. As of right now, she will be going out with Ryleigh. I went to Tractor Supply to pimp out her stall. She got new buckets, a Jolly Ball, and an apple treat. I also put up a salt block holder I had. 
In her new home!
I lunged Shyloh again today. I had been free lunging her every now and then. . .mostly because it is easier for me, without the lunge line. She does really well free lunging. But I used the lunge line today and yesterday. My arms are not thanking me. After lunging, I hooked up the long lines. (we borrowed a dressage pad today, much better fit). We did a little better today! We were actually able to go straight, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done! I even tried to trot with her, but lost all control of steering at that point! Although Shy is cooperative with working, she is still not happy to be doing it. And she is jumpy any time something brushes her rear end. I can just see it clench up in anticipation of something. . .But she will learn I won't hurt her when we work. By the way. . .Shyloh does not like squash, either. So, I guess everything in the pumpkin/squash family is out for her.


  1. I think she'll love all the hustle and bustle that goes on inside the barn! I agree with you - this'll be good for her!
    She is just so cute in her new stall!!

  2. Deanna, It will be good for her, I just hope she does not get bored in the stall, since she is used to having a large area to roam around all the time.

  3. Perfect location for her! You are lucky! (Shy is lucky... but may not realize that!)
    Pippin's funny about his hinder end. He can really clamp his tail down when he feels his space back there has been violated! One time I was wiping him down with a towel, he clamped his tail down and turned, tearing the towel out of my hand! I've done a lot of desensitization with him... but he can still be squirrely.

  4. Camryn here:
    I know wat you mean about wanting to be outside. I prefer it too. Still I think you'll enjoy your new room, specially since it's in a busy area. You'll get to be in on all gossip!!! That'll be cool.

  5. Dreaming, Shy is the same way! She is a tail clamper! I swear, Pippin and Shy are either meant to be together or related!

    Camryn, I can't complain about the gossip, lol! So far, so good, but nothing beats that fresh air and freedom to move around more!


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