Monday, October 17, 2011

monday musing by shyloh #7

I sure live the life! I got a room inside the barn. It is okay. . .it's pretty spacious for me, but nothing can be better than all the space outside. But, I got a good spot. I see all the comings and goings in the whole barn! I can say hi to my friends, look out my window, and watch all the action. It is very entertaining. 
Me and Ryleigh, grazing in the sunset
The biggest perk about living inside. . .I get to go outside, on grass! I met a new horse friend, Ollie. And Ryleigh, who lives right next to me, is also outside with me! I think he is a little jealous of Ollie, he tries to chase him off, ears back and everything, but Ollie set him straight. Today, I split my time between Ryleigh and Ollie. Hey, a girl's gotta show some love to all of her admirers! 
Notch and Clutch are on the grass on one side of me. . .
These are some big boys!
And Mocha, Dante, and Lexi are on the other side of me. . . 
Dante (the darker horse) and Mocha (the browner horse), both are on the other side of the fence
I am surrounded by horses! I love it! And they love me! I am quite the pretty princess at the barn. 

We got another new horse at the barn, too. So much excitement going on lately. Kathy, who gives me massages (Allie, I think I am due for another. . .feeling kinda stiff, hint hint) got a new horse! Meet Melvin, the Appaloosa! What a good looking boy. . .I am going to have to get to know him better.
Melvin and Kathy
Allie has been making me do lots of work lately. Ugh, am I out of shape! Allie has us zigzagging all over the arena, it is quite hilarious. I am just going where she tells me to go, kinda. . .it's fun to mess with her. She put a new bit on my bridle today (thanks Jaime!). It worked much better, it was rubber and softer. 

Allie tries to steer me from behind with these long lines, but I pretty much know where I want to go. When we walk along the wall, I know we are going to turn at the corner. Is it my fault that I like to get the turn out of the way and do it before I am told? If it was up to Allie, I think she'd have me running into the wall! 

Yeah. . .I can say that I am a lucky pony! Good friends, good people, and good food! All the important things in life.


  1. It sounds like you have the life! Well.... maybe not as nice as our life - our Mrs. Owner doesn't make us work as much! She's wishing she had a nice arena like you have. Then she'd make us go around and around and around. Pheww.... glad she doesn't have one!

  2. The arena is nice, except sometimes it gets a little busy, like yesterday.
    Pippin and Doc, you need to do some work to get muscles so you can impress all the Haffie mares that are headed your way!


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