Friday, October 14, 2011

driving (me crazy)

Things I discovered today:
  1. Shyloh is a sassy, sassy pony. (Okay, I already knew that, but today she reinforced that fact).
  2. Shyloh has too much fun playing Catch Me If You Can.
  3. When Shy is on grass for the better part of the day, she doesn't take her nap and is a sleepy pony during work time.
  4. When I do not go to the barn for a day, Shy's winter coat growth is very noticeable! 
  5. Shy can hear the local high school football game from her paddock!
  6. A surcingle looks funny with a Western saddle pad.
  7. Long lines are a very good idea for working with Shy!
  8. Speaking of work. . .Shy does not appear thrilled to be back at "work".
  9. I CAN drive a big horse!
  10. I found something Shy WON'T eat.
I do not even know where to begin today! There was a lot going on so I guess I will start at the beginning. When I got to the barn, Jaime was driving Notch. She asked me, Sandy, and Kathy if we wanted to try and we all took a turn! It was so much fun! Sandy and Kathy trotted him, too! Notch is such a good boy. 

After my little drive, I went to get Shyloh, who was in the pasture with Forseti. Of course, they were at the back of the pasture, so I walked way out there. Surprise! Shy appeared that she was actually coming to me, so I was happy about that. But, I was proved wrong when she took off trotting down the pasture. I got excited again when her and Forseti trotted right into the paddock (I had opened the gate). I thought to myself, well that was easy. 

Wrong again. . . as I got into arms reach from closing the gate, both of them ran out in different directions! Ugh. And Shyloh was having a grand old time, running and bucking all the way down to the end of the pasture. What a fun game!! (for her. . .) This is when I noticed the thicker hair growing on the back of her thighs (as she bucked away).
Growing in her winter moo-stache
My next line of defense was to get Forseti and put him in the paddock, hoping Shy would follow. I did this and walked him back to the paddock. As I was walking him back, Shy would graze, then trot up to us, stop and graze, then trot. But she never got close enough. Then she began to trot in circles, never far away, but never close enough to reach. Ooooohhh, little girl (what I call her when I am frustrated with her) was messing with me! Sandy came out and saved the day and I finally got Shy into the paddock so I could catch her.

Now, by the time I got her into the barn (funny how her walk was soo pokey now), the grooming stalls were full. So I put Shy in an empty stall next to Forseti. I put a stall guard up for her and (dumbly on my part) walked down the aisle. Next thing I know, Kathy is yelling and running to the stall. Shy had reached out and grabbed a plastic bag of treats that were in a bucket on Forseti's stall! She shook the bag until it broke open and treats spilled out everywhere. I did my best to get the majority of them before she ate them, but she is a quick little pony when food is involved. Sigh. . .
Probably wondering if she can squeeze under that
After the shenanigans that she has pulled so far, you think trying to work her would be a good idea? Well, I did! I groomed her and got out her saddle pad and borrowed Robin's surcingle. This made for a very goofy looking Shyloh. I guess a surcingle and long lines are generally used in English riding, but all I have is a Western saddle pad. Oh well. I am not committed to any discipline besides being safe. As I was tacking her up and waiting for the arena to clear out a little bit, Shy was falling asleep. Grazer girl didn't get her nap in, so now I had a sleepy, sassy pony to work with.
Droopy lip
When the arena finally cleared out, I led her in and she was being stubborn again, refusing to go. I think the idea of the saddle/surcingle around her and bridle on makes her not want to go in the arena because she knows she will have to do work. And, let's face it. . .all the stuff I have been doing was helping her, but I don't think she considered it work. Or she is being lazy. Or she really does have bad experiences under saddle. 

I lunged her for a bit then attached the long lines. Robin helped me out, which is a good thing because I had no idea what I was doing! She had Shy following her and helping me with my circles and straight lines. After working Shy on the long lines, I am so glad that I am doing this before riding! She is so incredibly sensitive! Ask for a small turn, she wants to circle. Correct it and we are circling the other way. I felt like a drunken sailor weaving around the arena! I need to learn to control my hands and make subtle movements to control her. I think she knew what she was doing, but knew that I did not. She kept her ears back on me, listening to me, but testing me at the same time . .you know, the make me move test. And she was a little jumpy during the long lining. This will be an ongoing process until we both get comfortable.

Sassy girl. . .needs an attitude adjustment, she has a lot going on here
As a treat, I bought Shy a pumpkin! I heard horses like pumpkin, so I was excited to give it to her and see her eat it. Wouldn't you know, she refused it! Shy rolled it around a few times, then had no interest in it. So, I broke it open for her. She sniffed it and walked away. I broke off a piece and gave it to her. Shy ate it, but would not take any more pieces! Wow, the first thing she will not eat! How ironic is it that her previous name was Pumpkin? What a day. . .


  1. She is a sassafrass isn't she? LOL, gotta love those mares:) Long lining IS hard at first, but a great tool. It will be second nature soon:)

  2. She's not sassy, she is just 'full of personality' or maybe that would be horsonality!
    My guys didn't like any fruits or veggies when I got them. I also got a pumpkin for them last year. They just pushed the pieces around the paddock until I finally removed them. They will now eat carrots, but they aren't that fond of apples.

  3. Camryn here:
    I'm not a pumpkin fan either. Mom tried last year, watermelons don't do anything for me at all, she tried those too. I know I could walk under that thingie hanging at your stall door too ;) Easy Peasy

  4. Sarah, it was a little easier today! But little girl was still sassy! :)

    Dreaming, haha! Horsonality is definitely what she has! She does love apples,carrots, bananas, blueberries, pears. . .

    Camryn, I guess pumpkin is not too popular among the Haffies. And don't put any escaping ideas in Shy's head! :)


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