Saturday, October 29, 2011

NOT a pony

As cute and adorable as Shyloh may be, she is not a pony! She may be short and stocky, but she is definitely a Haflinger Horse! Only I am allowed to call her a pony. Whew. . .I had to get that out!

I spent the day at the barn helping muck stalls and taking the horses outside and back inside. Then I hung out with Shyloh for a bit in her stall. I groomed her and just chilled with her. 

And now for your enjoyment. . .photos taken and edited by Robin!
Pretty girl!
Ryleigh: tall, dark, and handsome. Shyloh's kind of guy!
Grow mane grow!
Tail caught on the weeds!
Participating in her favorite activity, eating

Anyone from Michigan knows that there is a great rivalry between University of Michigan and Michigan State. Well, I am a Michigan fan and Robin is a State fan and she just HAD to do this with one of the photos. I can't help but laugh at it, it is cute and hilarious!
Actually, we are practicing our sprints so we can kick Michigan State's butt!


  1. A beautiful Haflinger.

    Good luck with the game.

  2. Yeah.... my guys are horses, too - but I do fondly refer to them as the ponies!
    Lovely pictures!

  3. Thanks!!

    I do call all the horses ponies, but it is out of love for them! Shy can be called a pony, but only if the person calling her that knows that she is a horse! :)

  4. Camryn here:
    Just wanted to let you know that my human sister works at Ohio State. Sooooo, go Buckeyes ;)

  5. oohh. . .Camryn. I am sorry to say that we are mortal enemies! ;) Go Blue!


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