Wednesday, October 26, 2011

roly poly

Horses having fun rolling around in the arena!

Casimiro Tomas or CT, formerly Melvin! It means peaceful twin in Spanish. CT is very peaceful and he is a twin Appy, too!
 Is it Resy, or a zebra?
CT and Forseti
Shyloh and Ryleigh

Watch out! I have discovered the reason for Shy's moodiness. . .she is in heat! This is her first "real" heat cycle since she has been at this barn. And let me tell you, it is gross. Don't worry, I won't share the details. . .just know that this is quite an experience!


  1. Camryn,
    Most likely the first heat she's told you about!!! I don't tell Mom often either. But, when I do, I'm quite the hussy Mom says. Most likely it's her last one till spring.

  2. Camryn, Shy is quite a hussy on a regular basis, now she is just down right uncontrollable with her lust for the geldings! She is definitely going back on the red raspberry leaves.

    Dreaming, mares get such a bad rap. . .although her behavior yesterday disgusted me, but it mostly had to do with squirting, winking, and standing in a certain position. . .

  3. I LOVE Resy's rug! It's too cute.

    Sugar tends to get quite flirty with geldings when she is in heat as well. She doesn't get moody, but she does pretty much everything you mentioned =/

  4. Megan,
    I will let Resy's mom know! It is a little dirty in that picture, but it is starting to get cold and he is a 28 year old Arab, so he needs it!

    Shy is not too moody, she seems more aloof, like she wants to be left alone by humans, but not by the geldings!

  5. So you call horses falling down having fun,lol. I think i must of had a lot of fun as a kid then growing up in New York city. Richard from Amish Stories

  6. Love the pic of Shy rolling, it actually looks like she gave that ball a good kick from that angle. Pretty cool. Enjoying your blog, keep it up! Amy in Ohio

  7. Richard, they love to roll!

    Amy, thanks for stopping by! I am glad you enjoy!


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