Monday, October 24, 2011

monday musings by shyloh #8

So, Allie left me alone again for the weekend! She tried to make up for her absence yesterday but coming to visit, but I played hard to get. Hey, I was outside with Ryleigh, eating grass, and the weather was wonderful! I surely did not want to go inside and work, if that is what she wanted. But she did not have my halter or lead rope, so I eventually let her some up to me. We hung out for a little bit and it was all good. I got a carrot, so I really can't complain.

But more on my weekend. . .

I had a great weekend! I spent some time with Ryleigh outside. We galloped around and made sure to hit all the puddles in the pasture. What fun! 

Here are some other things we did. . .

Ate grass
Had a masquerade 
Ate more grass
Messed with Ryleigh
Continued eating grass
Basked in the sunlight as Princess of the Pasture
Got some food and loving from Robin
And finished my weekend with eating some grass
I would have to rate this weekend a huge success!! Two hooves up for grass! Allie didn't come again today, though. I thought I heard something about a birthday dinner. Isn't a birthday one day? So what is up with today and the whole weekend? Aren't I important too?



  1. Shy, thanks for the great idea! I'm gonna find some Post-it notes and put a "Kick Me" sign on Doc. Hahahahahaha.... but wait, that won't work if I'm the only other horse in the pasture. Oh, darn!
    The grass looked really good. I got to eat some too. But, it's supposed to snow tonight. I don't like trying to eat grass when it snows. Bah Humbug.


  2. Camryn here:
    That kick me sign was the best!!! I just rolled over that one. Sure wish I had some grass, first I ate it all, then the rains came again and the pasture's flooded. SIGH just hay for me now

  3. I remember someone at work putting a kick-me sign on my back one time, as they were eating it after i asked them if they wanted more salt!. Richard from Amish Stories.

  4. Loved the pictures! I agree with Susan....the Kick Me sign was my fav, with Princess of the Pasture a close second. :-)


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