Tuesday, October 4, 2011

obstacle course

You can call me the MacGyver of the barn. I can take a paper clip and an earring and make something useful. Okay. . .maybe not, but I can be pretty creative with the stuff we have at the barn to create an obstacle course for me and Shyloh!
Just in case you cannot decipher this high tech, to-scale masterpiece, I have made a key.

  1. cones
  2. tarp
  3. poles
  4. hula hoops
  5. cones
  6. jump
  7. walk-through
  8. barrels
  9. plywood
  10. poles
  11. poles, again
This is what we did. . .walked through the cones, over the tarp, over the poles, put two front feet in one hula hoop and two back feet in the other hula hoop, circle in the cones and stop straight on, over the jump, under the walk-through, over the barrels, over the plywood, over the poles, and through the last poles for the finish!
Let's go! We got work to do!
Shy did amazing until number seven. We had never walked under something before, so Shy was a little hesitant, but did walk through it with me. Then number eight came. This was probably a mistake on my part. I wanted the barrels to simulate a log on a trail, but I think they were too big, She attempted to walk over. She put a leg up, but must have felt it was too round to get over. She bit the lip of the barrel, decided that it was not heavy (it was just plastic), and pushed it with her nose. Hey, she gets an "A" for cleverness! Everything else went great! We walked a few times, then trotted through. 

After our obstacle course, we worked on the mounting block. Shy did very good. Then I took her outside to let her graze. She was the first horse to graze in the new pasture! And it was so beautiful outside today. We had a wonderful day. I think Shy really enjoyed doing the obstacle course, so we will definitely be doing that again! I know she enjoyed the pasture! 

Oh yeah. . .and this hungry hippo stepped on my toe! Ouch!
Not me!


  1. "Hungry Hippo" - laughing 'cause that's what I call my guys!
    Sounds like a fun time for everyone!

  2. Camryn here: Your human is soooo creative. That does look like tons of fun. Kind of like a doggie agility course minus the dog walk n teeter!!!

  3. RE your comment on http://livingadream2.blogspot.com/2011/10/triple-threat.html
    I'll check with Doc and Pippin when I go down to the barn. I'm sure they'd love to have you join them. The Fab Four....quite a ring to it. But, it may have to become the Fab Five... or the Super Six... I bet there are some other Haffies out there that want to join the team! And the tarp would be fine - maybe even better than the window screen!

  4. Camryn, It was a lot of fun, for me and Shy. Although this human needs to get in better shape if she wants to keep up with the trotting!

    Dreaming, We can be the Haffie Dream Team!


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